As many of you know, I have been working diligently on becoming certified as an Eco Fertility Coach through the Integrative Fertility Institute. I have finally completed my program! During the last 10 months I have not only been a participant in the program but have started working with current clients who are trying to conceive. Not only have I experienced the transformation in my own life; but seen the changes in the lives of current patients. Both clients chose to work on areas of their lives- reducing anxiety and increasing self-care- they are now happily expecting for the first time!

The program is all about elevating your fertility in an all-natural holistic way that will optimize all parts of your life and health including your physical health, mental health, financial health and spiritual health. We work on reframing old thoughts and habits that have been part of the fabric of daily life, participants integrate new patterns that support the journey of motherhood.

From regulating your cycle to creating a clear plan for getting pregnant, exploring all of your options and optimizing all parts of your life to create the best possible path to pregnancy customized for you individually. Clear custom dietary guidelines and self-care regimens that will make getting pregnant easier and less stressful.

The result is an optimized body and mind to get you that much closer to your goal of getting pregnant. Coaching is done on a weekly basis for a month and then biweekly for a series of 10 sessions over the course of 90 days. Working one on one, we can create the most fertile, balanced being who is fully prepared for the journey into motherhood.

Join me today in the journey of a lifetime!
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Yours in Health,