The answer is simple: Healthy Egg + Healthy Sperm = Healthy Baby! According to three papers published in April 2018 in the peer-reviewed medical journal The Lancet, the health of both men and women before they conceive can have profound impacts on the health of their offspring, such as birth weight and brain development. Factors such as stress, poor diet, endocrine disruptors, weight, and lifestyle choices can all not only affect the ability to conceive but also the quality of your pregnancy and the health of your baby. The good news is that acupuncture can help to alleviate and eliminate many of the issues and obstacles that may come between you and a healthy baby. Acupuncture can help restore balance to hormones, reduce inflammation, reverse accelerated aging with diet changes and stress reduction, identify and improve nutrient deficiencies, eliminate infections naturally with herbs, restore pH balance, relieve toxicity, promote circulation to reproductive organs, and improve digestive issues. Whether you are conceiving naturally or using ART, we recommend at least 90-100 days to regulate a woman's cycle and support the maturation of eggs in ovarian follicles from resting follicular stage to ovulation. Acupuncture and herbs improve the ovarian environment which is crucial to the development of healthy eggs. In addition, if you are planning to do IUI or IVF, acupuncture can aid in supporting you throughout this process by reducing stress, promoting blood flow, influencing the ovaries and uterus, and alleviating the side effects of procedures and fertility medications. Also, as I said before, the health of the dad is important too! One third of infertility is due to male factor. Acupuncture, a healthy diet, and lifestyle modifications improve sperm quality. In addition, the father's genes are important in the development and nourishment of the placenta and affect the health of the baby.

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Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash